Hi, I'm Declan Meehan

I am a full stack Web developer in Chicago looking for experience and somewhere to show off my current skill set.

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Seeking junior developer position in web development where I can continue to expand skills learned in the Actualize development bootcamp. Hard worker with experience and a strong aptitude in web development and software engineering. Able to build complex web frameworks with an aptitude for algebra and logic based problem solving.




I have experience in many different programming languages. My current favorites are Ruby, Python, and Javascript.


I also make fully customizable versioned RESTful API's backend and frontend. With frameworks like flask, react or ruby on rails.


I make sites that work on your phone or tablet just as well as your computer. I'm always learning something new because with programming there's no 'right' way to do something, just better ways. I treat it as an art.

In depth

I take the approach of learning how to code the hard way first so that by the time I implement frameworks into my apps any scripts I write I could just as easily write out manually as well.

Currently working as a web developer for Gallery Furniture

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Want to get in touch? send me a message on my linkedin and i will get back to you as soon as possible, or view any of my open source projects on Github.